Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sevilla,& American Food

I went to Sevilla to spend the weekend with 2 friends. One was my roommate at our homestay, and the other was in my TEFL class before we even came to Spain. I've obviously lived with Laura, but I'd never met Lauren until she met me at the train station. (at midnight too- that's an awesome friend). Since Laura was busy on Friday, Lauren and I took the day to do some touristy things and some shopping. Apparently I've been missing out on some amazingly fun and cool stores. I need to explore Almeria more, but I'm seriously in doubt as to if it can be as awesome as Sevilla. I love that city. We went up on top of the "setas" (mushrooms) to see the view, and it was so cool. The setas are gorgeous and you can even eat in a cafe up there as you look over the city!
Top of the setas.

Sevilla and the side of the setas

Sevilla, te amo!

Lauren y yo.
We found some Roman ruins under the "setas" in the center of Sevilla. It was so cool to get a cool view of modern Sevilla and then go underground and see the beginnings of Sevilla back when it was a Roman city. Getting to explore with someone who also loves history and archeology was so much fun, although we did both decide that the exhibit wasn't very clear, and could be improved on.
Mosaic of a nymph?

Touching history! Yes, I really was that excited.

Looking across the exhibit.
We went to lunch at this awesome bocata (bocadillo, or sandwich in English) place, but sadly, I didn't love my bocata. It was sausage, tortilla de patatas, and a gazpacho like sauce, but wasn't warmed up enough to be delicious. Also, I really just don't like tomatoes that aren't in tomato sauce. So I'd try it again, but I'd also try about a million other options. It was pretty cheap too, which is always wonderful. That night we went to a new NY pizza place that opened and met up with some of Lauren's friend. I got to eat pepperoni for the first time in forever, and it was delicious!!

Saturday was clearly the highlight since it was filled with a trip to Gibraltar, but that deserves its own post since I have SO many pictures. After we got back on Saturday, we decided to finally make the Pilsbury brownie mix that Laura had bought on Friday. There's a new American Sweets store in Sevilla, and she picked up the cake mix and some Skittles!!! It was the best dinner ever- American sweets and hanging out with friends. Although it was terribly cold all weekend since most of the old buildings don't have central heat and the buildings are built to keep the hot out, not in, so we spent the whole time in the kitchen by the oven.

I'll post about our day trip next, and there's even pictures of me with my new best friend.

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