Friday, February 24, 2012

Carnaval en Mi Escuela!

Today was the Carnaval celebration at my school, so I decided to go since I don't have any plans for this Friday off. I am SO glad that I got to go. It was a gorgeous day outside, and warm enough I didn't need my jacket, so getting to stand outside and watch the students perform was so cool. We don't have an auditorium at school, but there's a raised stage in the patio between the buildings, and that's where all the events happen. Lots of parents came to watch and take pictures, so that was fun.

Carnaval was like Halloween in the States with songs. The kids were all in costumes, and they ranged from jobs, to skeletons to princesses to flamenco dancers to rappers. So precious. Most of them were themed to go with their performance, which made it all more adorable.

So, here are some videos and pictures of all the festivities!

One of my first grade classes. Note the clump of kids hugging me.

My 2nd grade did a project on the Solar System.
First and second grade in their job costumes.

 Please ignore that the sound cuts out when I zoom in and out. I wasn't aware of that until today, and it makes me sad!
Part of the 3rd grade skeletons.
This song has the same melody to a Portuguese song that is a HUGE hit here.

6th grade rappers. I love these kids.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of my students and our school!

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