Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rock of Gibraltar

This may have been one of the coolest trips I've ever been on. Getting to see the Rock of Gibraltar was so surreal since it's a place I'd never thought I'd get to go. That's the best thing about this living abroad experience- getting to travel to places like that. I should probably take more advantage of getting to see tons of places in the US when I get back though.

Anyway, Gibraltar was about a 3 hour bus ride away, bu we did have to get out and walk across the border and through the UK customs. Although Gibraltar is a British territory, they drive on the right like in Spain because there are so many Spaniards that were getting confused otherwise. So that was a cool thing to learn. We took a van tour around the island to see different things, and the first place we went was Europa Point, where we could see Spain, Africa, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. It was super windy, and absolutely freezing, but so much fun! I got to share my new knowledge about Ceuta- an autonomous city of Spain that's actually in Africa.

Laura, Lauren, Becca

Rock of Gibraltar!

Europa Point!

Spain, I think.
It really was windy.


Attempting a Titanic moment, but it was too windy.
All the girls in our group.

After our time there, we headed up to the top of Gibraltar to go to St. Michael's Cave. Back in the day, apparently people thought that this cave was a tunnel to Africa because it went down so deep into the rock. The cave now has a small amphitheater in it now, so that was pretty cool to see. I can't imagine what it would be like to watch a show there.

In the cave.

The theater from the stage.
Of course, the highlight of the trip was getting to see the monkeys! Or the apes, I'm not really sure which ones they were. I am actually really, really terrified of big monkeys, so I was both excited about and dreading this part. I really wanted a picture with one, but I wasn't cool with the idea of getting jumped on by a wild monkey. I almost cried when we saw the first group of monkeys outside the cave. There were big ones following people around, and jumping on people, and not getting off. I did love the little baby monkeys, but they were too scared to become friends with people.
monkey family.

As close as I wanted to get at that moment.

Right after it jumped onto my head/shoulder. Note the terror.

Trying to pass it off to another girl. FAIL.

Pulling my hair?

Baby monkey. Ignore the sideways picture please.
After that, we headed down into the city to get some lunch and shop for a bit. We decided to head to a pub for fish and chips. And I got to have a hard cider for the first time in a while. I still love it more than beers since it's not as carbonated and lighter. The fish and chips were delicious, but I like smaller pieces of fish better than one giant piece. We did some shopping, and I got a postcard since I couldn't take much back with me. Then we saw girls with some delicious milkshakes, and Laura and I got our own. Mine was made with a Milky Way bar and it was quite possibly the best thing I've ever had. Dad, can you learn to make it?

Finally, we headed home for a low key night. By the way, to get into, and out of, Gibraltar, you have to drive/walk over the airport runway, which was a weird experience. I felt like a Mythbuster. Overall, I loved this trip, and had the best time with some great friends!

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