Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leaf fights and Paper Airplanes

I love that our engagement picture shoot had those 2 things and was such a perfect representation of us as a couple. We weren't dressed up fancy, but we had a blast, and you can tell in the pictures.

I'm sure most of you saw them, but I seriously love them, and it makes it a lot easier to be away from Tom when I have great pictures to look at. But to make it slightly more interesting, here's some pictures from when we first started dating and now. Don't we look grown-up now? I'm not, but he is for sure!

Hoedown 2008. First date party, and first or second date. 
 Apparently I am terrible at remembering relationship information. The only reason I know when we started dating is because it's exactly a month after Tom's birthday. I couldn't tell you when this was, or if we were official by then though. All I know is I was happy, and Tom wasn't too comfortable with being at a sorority party.

Dancing through the Decades 2008.
 I love this picture of us, and I do remember we were official here. Tom was slightly more comfortable with sorority events by then. He's a good sport.

Friend's wedding, 2010.
 We look so grown up! This was about a month before we graduated college, so we'd been together about a year and a half.

Engagement 12/17/10.
 Obviously I remember this date. This was immediately after we walked into our surprise party, and just over 2 years of dating.
Engagement pics, 2011
 Maybe not the best picture of us being grown-up, but it definitely shows our relationship. I'm the crazy one, but at least Tom can laugh and enjoy it. Also, I love leaves in fall. This photo and all the ones after are by InTandem Photography, and they're awesome! I've been wanting Sarah and Adam to take my wedding photos since before we were engaged, so I'm doubly thrilled with the pictures and that they're just as awesome in person as they seemed on their blog!

I love paper airplanes, and obviously Tom does too since he took the time to fold them all. Throwing them means I forget to look pretty and get way too into it, so not all the pictures are gorgeous, but they show how much fun I was having.

 Why yes, Tom throws leaves directly in my face. Isn't that a sign of affection? Let's hope so, because I honestly love the shot. This was definitely not planned. We were just supposed to throw them at each other, and before this, all mine had missed him.

I got him back though, kinda. I think I hugged him and then immediately threw them in his face. It's hard to miss hitting someone when you stand a foot away from them.

Love is all we need
Sorry if this is boring and not interesting, but if I'm gonna document my life on a blog, I need to make sure I include all parts, not just the travel and living in Spain stories.

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