Monday, January 20, 2014

Why do I never remember to blog?

Probably because between both jobs, attempting to train for the half marathon and life at home, I have no free time!

I've been looking for teacher style blogs and can't seem to find very many. I'd love to see what other elementary teachers are wearing to school and use that for some much needed inspiration for my look.

Maybe I'll just start posting what I wear when I feel like I've pulled a really cute outfit together. Today is definitely not that day though. We have a day off, so I've been lesson-planning in sweatpants and a t-shirt all day.

My swim team kids have a meet next weekend and it's going to be the first meet for quite a few of them! Cross your fingers we don't have too many DQ's and that no one cries! I'm so excited to see how my Dolphins do in the water, because they are a great group and really love swimming. I surprisingly love my 11 year old boys more than I thought I would. It helps that they're sweet kids who want to succeed and know that I'm helping them get there. I also have some awesome girls ranging from 8 to 13 in my group. I don't love that I can shock them when I leave practice in "nice" clothes, but I do love that most of them want to talk to me about their lives.

Let's hope I remember to post more!