Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life at School

I love this school. It's been fun to see the projects that the kids have been doing in classes, and I figured you guys might enjoy seeing some of them! I have some things I need to take pictures of, so I'll update this more when I get the pictures!

I got to give a presentation on the Solar System to my 2nd graders, and used Magic School Bus Lost in Space and Schoolhouse Rock in it, which they loved. Keeping it old school is totally cool right? The kids learned about the solar system in more detail in Spanish, so they made projects about it in Spanish, and they're pretty good. 

I love that they managed to work in groups and the hand drawn titles. Projects are a little bit lower tech here, and I think it's cool. I also like that I get to learn the Spanish names for planets and space while I teach the m English. Most of the planets are pretty close though, so it's easy.

This is the class project. I personally like that the Sun now has a face. And that Earth is smaller than Mars. All the projects are hanging in the hallway of the building, which is something I always love to see in schools.

The first graders have all been working on maps of the area around our school. All the classes built 3D representations of the area, and it's been cool to see how they're all different and focusing on different areas. The buildings aren't exactly representative, but it was a good project for them to do anyway. The kids got to decide where to put buildings and signs, and there wasn't a lot of arguing in the class I worked with.

Our map of Las Marinas. Our school is in the top left, and the bus stop I get off at would be right in front of the park.

A close up of the project. We covered the buildings in paper, and helped attach the pictures, but the kids did all the coloring and cutting. I love the people and the cars!!

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