Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oh hey....I forgot I exist.

Dear blog,

Apparently I forgot you exist. The more likely scenario is that I knew you existed but couldn't find the energy to update you on things that have happened since July.

So, I survived job searching. I am currently teaching 2 half-day PreK classes in a school that is the polar opposite of the preschool I taught in in Texas. We have homeless kids, kids from broken homes, kids who've dealt with more bad things happening in their lives by age 10 than I have ever. It's both heartbreaking and inspiring. Which means I am totally exhausted. First year teaching is hard anyway, but I accepted this job a week before teachers reported back to work, and in that time I moved to Oklahoma, so my prep time for it was pretty much nonexistent  It's March and I'm just starting to get into the swing of things, which speaks volumes about how this year is going. BUT, I will survive, and I will send my 35 kids into the world familiar with school, routines, and how to get along with others and hopefully with recognition of all their letters, colors, and shapes. So hopefully they'll all be a little further ahead in Kindergarten than they would otherwise.

 Boyfriend and I are FINALLY married.

And married life in our apartment is pretty much exactly what I hoped for. We (I mean Boyfriend) cook, and I try to bake, and we watch way too many seasons of TV shows the whole way through. Eureka and Warehouse 13, I'm looking at you! And we've developed a love of board games and game nights. I'm so proud of our Tabletop inspired collection, and we've made both of our families play at least 1 game from the show. Also, GO WATCH TABLETOP. I heart it so much.

The wedding was beyond awesome. From the beginning, I wanted it to feel like a family reunion, and it totally did. Everything, and everyone, came together so well and we had the most fun we've ever had. I ripped my wedding dress multiple times, ended up barefoot and covered in sweat from head to toe and loved it all. Seriously, I highly recommend getting an awesome DJ and amazing photographers to capture what happens. I've never been to a wedding with SO MANY PEOPLE dancing all night.

I owe you a post about how everything came together, but all you need to know is how happy I am to have ended up with this life. And how incredibly lucky it feels.