Who I Am

I'm Becca- a 20-something from Texas, now living in Oklahoma. I've graduated from college...with a victory lap.

Then I taught preschool.

Then I taught English in Spain.

After my return to my "real" life, I got married to the coolest, funniest, guy I know in November 2012.
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We like to play in leaves.

I like adventures, white mochas, marathons of my favorite TV shows on Netflix, and chocolate. I love science and history, being ridiculous, and taking photos of our kitty Liz Lemon (LL) being  adorable. I'm also pretty good at making my husband wonder how he ended up with me.

My baby family.

I hate wind, being cold, eating most vegetables, and people who are judgmental. Oh, and politicians- I hate them too...they divide and polarize and nothing gets accomplished. I work on loving people no matter what, being less judgemental, and having patience with people who frustrate me. Sometimes I even succeed at this.

In Texas, I got to hang out with Jedis and Stormtroopers at work. But I really loved when I got to hang out at Hogwarts and teach kids about Harry Potter and science. And yes, if I had a choice, I would totally be a wizard at Hogwarts. I'd be in Ravenclaw and learn to play Quidditch and love Charms class.

I write about anything that I find interesting, even if it's probably not that exciting. I just really love the adventure that is life.