Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow Day #6

So tired of ice storms canceling school, but thankful for the time to catch up on work and get ahead on making some math centers. Here's what's been going on here:

I finished my first half marathon in just under 3 hours! I officially accomplished my goal, and can't believe I did it! Sadly, Tom had some medical issues and couldn't run with me, but he was officially the best supporter/encourager ever. Loved getting to see family, but bummed that we didn't have a lot of free time there to do more. We wanted to stop by the place we got our wedding cake and get something, but it didn't work out. I'm still not sure I'd ever run another half marathon, but I am thinking about running the OKC memorial marathon relay. I still don't love running, but I do enjoy feeling like I'm getting stronger and faster.

We're just two weeks away from the end of my first short course swim team season! I had some kids make age group time cuts, and quite a few move up to the more intense level group. I've officially gotten back into the pool too. I'm trying to go to a few more master's swim practices and get back into competition shape, but it is seriously hard.

I was thinking about this last year. I was not a fan of moving to Norman to live, especially after having a great job in Houston, and I spent most of last year hoping Tom would get transferred somewhere new. I love being married, and I love Tom, but I just wasn't happy with my professional life. It was even worse after one of my close friends moved to Austin. This year, I feel like I've started to make a life for myself here beyond my marriage to Tom. I'm working jobs I love, I'm starting to make more friends, and I feel like I'm somewhere I can keep growing. (But if Tom got an offer to move to Europe, I'd be over there in a heartbeat.)

Life is finally starting to come together, which means that it's going to change somehow....