Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two Weeks!

I know, I haven't written about the rest of my trips, including Morocco and Granada, but I'm just not going to be a travel blogger. I can't stay interested in uploading pictures, which takes forever for some reason, and then write exciting things about what I did. I'd rather update you guys on life!

I will be flying home in exactly FOURTEEN DAYS. It's so surreal. I'm thrilled, but at the same time, I'm so sad to leave my school, kids and teachers. We've officially started the goodbyes, and it's no fun. I got mobbed by 10 third graders asking me to come back next year, and when I told them I couldn't because I was getting married in November, they asked their teacher for a party in honor of me on that day. Cutest kids ever! I also taught them the Bear Hunt chant, which was hilariously awesome. They were super into it, and I got to be over the top, so I loved it. I'm teaching it to my first graders next week!

Speaking of my first graders, Ana's class gave me a picture frame with a class picture in it! I'm even in the picture! So cute, and I'm going to miss them, and Ana, so much. I help her out with projects a lot, so I think her kids feel possessive of me, and they're sad that I'm leaving already. We're learning about pets for the current English unit, and one of the skills is talking about what animals have tails, fins, ears, wings, or legs. Ana and I made a game to help practice the words, and played it like Simon Says. We gave each word a motion, and they have to do the correct motion when we say the word. We played 3 games since they weren't happy with just playing 1, and Ana and I could barely see what they were doing we were laughing so hard. I'm going to get a video next week, because watching little kids make fins, tails, and whiskers with their hands is awesome.

In real life news, I'm officially on the schedule for Summer Camp! I always get nervous that I won't get invited back, or that I won't get weeks, but I got the email about orientation, so I'll be at my favorite place in the world for at least part of the summer. It's almost Summer Camp Season! This basically sums up my feelings about this time of year, minus the purple hearts and free drinks.

In better real life news, I'm in the process of scheduling my first interview for a teaching job! It's for 3 positions at a school between OKC and Norman, and could be a really good fit for me. Sorry I'm being vague, but since it's not official, and since I still have to interview, I'm keeping details off the internet. If you want to know more, let me know and I'll tell you! I'm really excited, but nervous that it won't work out and I won't get more interviews since I'm still completing certification, so if you could keep your fingers crossed for me, that would be awesome! I'm holding out hope that there's a perfect job for me that would give me a chance to keep working on my Spanish and teach K or 1st, and is a school with a good spirit and joy like I had for my student teaching. It's a lot, but I'm hopeful!

**UPDATE- I'm not getting an interview with the school anytime soon because they'll be on summer vacation by the time. I'll be in the States. So that's that.

Wedding planning is so laid back right now, but it stresses me out because I feel like I should be doing something. We had some drama with people in the wedding or helping us prepare, but it's pretty much all settled now, so hopefully we've moved past the big drama. Although invitations haven't gone out, so I guess we're in for some more when that happens.

Love you all tons and tons and I can't wait to see you very, very soon! In honor of me being terrible with posts, here's a picture of me on a camel. And one of me petting a baby camel.
Precious little baby. We were all fans.

Coolest and scariest moment of the entire trip.
PS- Did you know camels get up and down in stages and that you are either feeling like you'll fall forward off the camel or feeling like you'll fall off backwards? But I did ride without my hands at one point!

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  1. Bahhhhhh! I totally thought I was going to fall off! And when mine was sitting down, it went halfway, got back up and then sat down again. I was a bit scared, you could say :)