Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maestra, estas llorando?!

"Teacher, you're crying!" I'll admit, I teared up quite a bit today during my classes. My first third grade class was super sad to see me go, especially after I gave them candy as a goodbye gift (yes, I'm bribing them to miss me, and yes it's working.), so after lots of hugs, I left them and went to my other third grade class. This class, and teacher, are awesome, and the kids had all made drawings or cards for me. They came up one by one to give me them, and they obviously spent a ton of time and effort on them, which means more to me then anything. When I started reading them, that's when I started tearing up. All of them, including the boys, which is adorable, said they loved me and were going to miss me, and there were pictures of me with them. What really touched me were the ones who made cards for my wedding. It's just awesome that they cared enough to make a card for something in the future.

Me in my wedding dress with some of my students.

Tom and I flying with geese. So cute.
Best marriage advice ever. I have such smart kids.
Later, my first class of third graders came and surprised me with pictures they'd drawn for me, and most of them had written notes on the back of them. So adorable, especially the one who begged me to move my wedding to Las Marinas and to not leave them.

"Seno (short for senorita), no te vayas por fa (por favor). porque no celebras la boda aqui en esta ciudad por fa casarte aqui con Tomas." (Miss, don't go please. Why can't you celebrate the wedding in this city? Please get married here with Tom. And a whole bunch more I need to translate....reading kid writing in Spanish is super hard.)

"For you Rebecca. I love you. You are a best teacher! And you are going to be a GREAT TEACHER! I will miss you!" (Also, I love that we're snorkeling together...I love this girl.)

So, here are some of the cards, mostly the wedding related ones, with one that just makes me laugh because it's from one of my boys who I was unware of having a crush on me. Wonder how Tom will feel about it?

From Jose. "Good bye, have a good trip", and on the inside, another heart exactly like it.

I guess I should add the pictures of my classes huh? I love that there's always a mad scramble to be standing next to me. Poor Joel  really wanted to be right next to me, but he's too short to be in the back, so he got pushed to the front. I feel so loved today.

Third graders are silly, and adorable, and awesome.

Another class, just as silly. 


  1. This is so sweet, Becca! :) third grade is such a good age :)

    1. They're some of the best kids I've ever taught. I love early elementary kids- they're not too cool to admit to loving their teachers. How's nannying going?

  2. Aww... So cute. Congratulations!!!

  3. Thanks! This week is going to give me a ton to write about...too many goodbyes!