Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scenes from my week

6th grade English: The entire class groaned when I gave them homework, and proceded to beg for me to not assign it in 2 languages. At least they were practicing English!

1st grade art: (all in Spanish)
Juan: Maestra, you're pretty!
Carlos: Maestra, you're very pretty!
Maria: You're very good!
There's only so many times I can hear this without laughing. They're so earnest about it all. I do say thank you in English every time though :)

3rd grade class:
Student to another: That's the music teacher!!!
I'm telling you- I'm learning what celebrities feel like, and it's hilarious. I had half of the class in gym yelling hello to me as I walked by. I love that they feel like they can talk to me whenever they see me.

1st grade art:
Whole class chanting "Becca, Becca, Becca!" when I walk into the room.
Again with the rockstar feeling. Can this happen at my wedding?

6th grade science:
Maria Carmen: Maestra, where's our project?
Me: Don't worry, we don't have one today.
Maria Carmen: But Maestra, we ALWAYS have a project at the end of a unit.
Me: .....But today we don't.
Apparently, I completely rocked her world by starting a new lesson. And she was VERY concerned that I didn't assign a project.

First Grade:
Maria: Maestra, I have a boyfriend!
Me: Really?
Maria: Yeah, it's Antonio, but he doesn't want to be.
*Antonio is hiding behind his hands*

6th grade English:
Me: Agata, it's your turn to read.
*Agata shakes her head repeatedly*
Me: Yes, you're reading.
*Agata reads perfectly.*
And that is why I asked her to read. I knew she could do it.

6th grade English:
Me: You guys did a great job reading! I'm proud of you and how well you pronounced words!
*blank stares*
Boy: What?
Me: Buen trabajo! *thumbs up* Good job!
Class: Oooooh.
Maybe we should work on comprehension now....

It was a good week. I led 6th grade science and English classes for a teacher who was out all week, so that was a good learning experience. I like my 6th graders, but I do NOT have a desire to teach them all the time. I'd like them in small doses, and in small groups. I could spend all day with my first and second graders though. They're so much fun, especially my first graders. I love talking to them and getting to know them. I really just like getting to know all my kids. I think it's fun to make them smile just by waving or saying hi to them in the hallways.

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