Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm still here!

I've been so busy with traveling for the past month that I usually spend my free time during the week preparing for the next trip, and I completely forgot about the blog! Sorry guys! I have tons to update you on, like my trips to Portugal, Germany, and even Morocco!

I'm 6 weeks away from being home, and it's both incredibly exciting and terribly sad. I'll miss this school. It's become my home now. I feel at home there, I'm always greeted by teachers and kids, and I've even memorized most of the names of the kids I see once a week!

Side note: I saw Joel in the office today and he got all smiley when I greeted him by name. I also had 2 escorts to class after recreo today, along with about a million hugs from my kids. And I still love the whispered comments about how I'm "guapa" or how they get all excited when I say I have "un novio."

But I'm starting the home stretch! I've got a couple trips planned and then I plan on spending all my time packing and relaxing on the beach. Although the beach part depends on the crazy winds dying down. I fear for my sliding door sometimes!

Anyway, I promise I'm working on updates. I just hate uploading pictures because it's so slow!!

Un abrazo fuerte,

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