Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Semana Santa Empieza!!

I'm on spring break! I'm currently sitting in my hostel room in Malaga because I left a day earlier then I wanted to. Spain is having a national strike tomorrow, and there's a pretty good chance buses won't be running, and if I missed a bus tomorrow, I couldn't make my flight from Malaga to Munich on Friday. So, I get a bonus free day to hang out in Malaga, but I am missing some school, which is depressing.

I love my kids. Today was apparently the day to ask me questions about the States in 6th grade science/history. They're learning about the history of Spain and today was about the 19th century (government and culture). I shocked them all when I said that we learned about Picasso's Guernica painting since it's an important piece. 2 of the girls LOVE to say hi to me, and today they copied every move I made. It was both hilarious and weird. If I folded my hands, they did. If I crossed my legs, they did. I'm not sure I love being this kind of role model, but they're sweet and they don't mean anything by it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? One of them wanted to know if people in the States spoke Spanish. When I told her that some did, she wanted to know what people spoke in the UK. The teacher stopped class and made sure everybody remembered where I was from and how far apart the US and the UK are. Apparently I'm the expert on English-speaking culture everywhere! They do love hearing random facts about life here, so I'm hoping I can do a presentation on the States before I leave!

My little kids are just awesome. I'm the rockstar of first and 2nd grades. In Ana's class, we did an Easter egg hunt, and it was hilarious. I hid them all over the room, and they took their little baskets they made and went hunting. They loved seeing where everyone found eggs, and since they had so much fun, we're already planning a pirate one for the Treasure unit! Yay!! I still get told I'm beautiful almost everyday, and it's so sincere every time...they really mean it, so I can't get annoyed with hearing it. I also got kisses blown at me from my first grade art class since I won't see them until after Semana Santa. They're so cute...their teacher is awesome about making a great classroom community, and it shows!

Can't wait to see Tom on Friday! Get ready for an overload of pictures of us in awesome places!


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