Friday, September 30, 2011

Why I Never Update

I´m still looking for an apartment, and the hotel internet was terrible, so I haven´t been able to update as much. I am technically couch surfing at a friend´s right now, but we have a 2 bedroom to look at today, and if we like it, we´re moving in tomorrow! Cross your fingers that it all works out and that Tom (not the boyfriend, but my future roommate) and I can finally have a place. At least it worked out that we can look for places together since we both don´t want to live on our own!

I spent my birthday having tapas the night before and then running around on the beach and wading in the ocean at midnight. I´ll post pictures when I get them! Yesterday I hung out with Tom and we explored the ¨castle¨here and walked all around town and up the beach. I did finally get ice cream here, but it wasn´t as good as the place we went to in Sevilla, so that´s no fun.

Love you all! Miss you guys and I can´t wait to get internet in an apartment! I also can´t wait to wash my clothes and move out of my suitcases!!

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