Monday, October 17, 2011

Mi vida española

Hola! ¿Qué tal? Estoy bien, pero siempre toda tengo muchas cosas para hacer o gente para visitar.

It feels like I've been here forever already. I haven't had a chance to be homesick because I've been so busy making new friends and doing things. I don´t even remember the last time I updated, so bear with me if things get confusing.

There´s a group of about 8 English teachers in Roquetas. It seems like one person would meet another and somehow we all became a group. There are 5 other American girls, 1 English boy, 1 Australian boy, 2 teachers from Spain, and some other people who usually hang out together. I´m sure that at some point I´ll update more specifically, but it is REALLY HOT in this internet cafe, and I can't stand it.

I spent the past weekend in Jaen for the feria, and it was amazing. Amazing, exhausting, hangover-inducing, fun. Gotta love eating the whole weekend, staying up until 4am to go on rides at the fair, and sleeping the whole time you´re on a bus.

Maybe the best way to do this is to tell yall what I´ve done for the first time since I´ve been here:

  • Ride that terrifying boat ride that's always at fairs. You know, the one that swings a lot and makes me want to cry just looking at it? OWNED IT. 
  • Rode a mechanical bull ride called Rodeo Americano. I did Texas proud...I think.
  • Learned to take the head and legs off of shrimp so that I can continue eating my favorite seafood.
  • Bought a bus card! Cheaper fares and no worrying about having change!
  • Taught my British roommate how to make French Toast and something else American. do people live without French Toast?
  • Learned how many groceries can fit into one of my grocery bags. (not a lot, which means more small trips)
  • Stayed in a hostel. It was super nice, minus the fact that we had to wake up early the first morning to see if we could stay another night. We could, so we all went back to sleep.
  • Watched a full football game on TV. It was Man U v. Liverpool. 
  • Been the only American in a group of about 10. The rest were Australian, Scottish, or British. One girl just wanted to know if Houston really has 6 lane highways.
  • Ordered paella. My goal of learning to make it probably won´t work out.
  • Discovered that I really like Tinto Verano, which is a delicious wine drink here.
  • Went to a regatta! It was really fun, but extremely hot.
  • Found my new favorite sandwich: bacon and rellano cheese. It´s like a grilled cheese sandwich but a million times better. Bacon here is more like ham though.
  • Discovered that potato chips are really good dipped in the yolk of fried eggs. 
  • Eaten lots of ice cream, and learned way too many new words about food.
  • Taught in a 6th grade class.
  • Been to an Arabic baths spa. It was the highlight of my entire week and I need to find one in the States
I am so glad to be working in my school. I love my schedule, and I love most of the classes and teachers. Kids love to come say hi to me and then walk away. I´ve actually been going by Rebecca here in most classes, so that´s a change for me that I´m still not used to. There´s a first grader who has my name, and she loves coming to say hi to me. I can´t understand little kid Spanish, but I do know that they like me and that I think they´re hilarious. One class says new vocabulary in Spanish first for me and then they try the English words. This is without their teacher telling them to do that.

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