Monday, September 26, 2011


It took a week, but I finally realized that I'm not actually coming home anytime soon. I think moving to a new town where I don't know anyone, missing Tom's birthday, not knowing how to go about finding an apartment, and not really having a reason to celebrate my birthday later this week all added up, and it just got to be too much. I spent all day today running around trying to do errands, and going back and forth on the bus, and by dinner time I just wanted to hear English spoken and not have to worry about what I was saying or not saying. I found the "official" English pub here and went and had cottage pie with fries and peas and it made life just a little bit better. Also, English accents make me happy. It was weird to be able to understand conversations going on around me, which just shows how little English I've heard since I'm here. Even in the hotel lobby, I hear German, and French and probably some other languages I don't know, but little English. It's weird.

Tomorrow I'll be going to start the process of getting me TIE (basically an identification card that lasts longer than a visa and expires when I'm done working) and then I'll keep trying to figure out the apartment situation. It should be a very long, very tiring day. This is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, and I cannot wait until I am married so that I have someone to share the pressure with. I think that the hardest part is doing it all on my own, but at least I'm doing it.

I need to go to bed, but Karioke is happening in the lounge, which is practically under my room, so it's not super quiet, which is annoying.

I am (hopefully) getting in really good shape. I got lost in Almeria today, and walked up and down quite a lot of hills, plus did my normal walking around Las Marinas and to the school. If I get the apartment I looked at, I'll have a short walk to school and the bus stops, a medium walk to different grocieries, and a long walk to the beach and the resturants/pubs. I guess that's a good thing. I still want a roommate though, so cross your fingers that one of the teachers at the school wants a roommate.

Picture update? I think so! Nothing too exciting to show, but still fun:
Train Station. All the little ones look somewhat like this. I saw about a million.

Spanish countryside between Sevilla and Granada.

Granada from the train. I will be going back.

No big deal, just standing in the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean. And some Spanish sunglasses since I lost mine already. LAME.

Love you all! Leave comments if you have questions about things or are confused. It's usually late when I do this, and I forget things.

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