Saturday, December 10, 2011

Accion de Gracias...otherwise known as Thanksgiving

**This was a draft that I got distracted from finishing earlier**

I now have internet in my piso, and as much as I'll miss teaching the man at the internet cafe English, I am THRILLED. Love being able to communicate with people whenever I want!

I also love getting mail here! It makes my day when I get a letter, and any that I get I hang on the door of my closet. It's now the door of fame, and if you want to be on it, send me a letter. Or a postcard. Or a picture with some stamps. Or a care package. Anything!! If you want the address, let me know. Or, if you want to see that I am alive and well here, feel free to Skype with me!

Also, Thanksgiving here was completely successful! I gave presentations about American Thanksgiving to my 6th grade English classes, and then made handprint turkeys with my first grade English and a 2nd grade class. We wrote what we were thankful for on the fingers.

So American! I love this class

Saturday, we had the Roquetas Family Thanksgiving Dinner. It was pretty awesome, considering most of us had never cooked large amounts of food like that. I made mashed potatoes, and helped with 2 chickens, and made gravy from scratch with Jess, which was way more successful than our attempt to make spiced cider from scratch. I'm learning to cook without recipes....Tom, this is a huge deal! I forgot to take pictures of all of that though, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

All the girls at dinner.

Mi familia. I love this group of people.
The night was so fun. Talking, eating, laughing, drinking, eating, laughing, hanging out. It was exactly what we all needed, and made me a little less homesick. Getting to talk to my parents on the phone on actual Thanksgiving was definitely the highlight of it though! I loved getting cards from my mom and brother too!

PS: Aunt Betsy, I got your card, and I loved it and the pictures! I'm writing you back once I have paper here that's not graph paper ripped out of my notebook!

Love you all!

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