Thursday, July 19, 2012

Two weeks and two days....

I move to Norman on August 4th! I am so excited and ready to start our lives together, but it's surreal that this summer is almost over.

To date, I have:
-Worked 4 weeks of camp with 20 kids each week. That's 4 weeks of learning astronomy, petting animals, 4 trips to see the insects and butterflies, 12 million rationales for why we don't have magic in the US daily life,   getting nipped by an iguana, holding a prickly stick bug, making "potions" and troll boogers until I've memorized the best ratios for success and no mess, and some of the cutest kids I've ever seen. So blessed to have this as my job.
-Put 1000 miles on my car in 2 months. (Houston to Norman and back, Houston to Dallas to Athens to Houston, Houston to Austin and back, and my daily commute downtown)
-Met with the hotel wedding coordinator, planned the reception menu, met with the florist and DJ, taken bridal pictures, had 2 cake tastings, decided on a bakery and flavors, and gotten my hair and makeup trial done.
-Been to my couples and bridal shower! So fun and I can't wait to move all our wonderful presents into our place!
-Moved a carload of my stuff to Tom's place.
-Taken all 3 certification tests.
-Had absolutely zero luck with the job search.

I still haven't:
-Seen the museum's Titanic exhibit
-Gone out downtown
-Seen the new baby giraffe (OMG!!!!) at the zoo
-Figured out what exactly I'm taking to Norman
-Booked a UHaul

I should probably do those things....when I'm not doing everything else. Blogging will resume when I move to Norman, especially if I am jobless. If I get a job, blogging will resume after the wedding and I recover from the inevitable mental breakdown.

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